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Metrobank Business Online Solutions or Metrobank B.O.S. will replace Metrobankdirect Corporate (MDC) which you are currently using. It is essentially a suite of transaction banking solutions that covers both Cash Management Solutions, and Trade Services and Trade Finance. These solutions and services are tailored to fit your daily transaction banking needs. This includes easy viewing of accounts, monitoring of receivables, and initiating payments.

Deadline for submission of onboarding documents will be on December 1, 2018, and migration activities will commence in January 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What are the required onboarding documents and where should I submit?
  1. Secretary’s Certificate (for corporates) or Partnership Resolution (for partnerships) or DTI Permit (for sole proprietorship)
  2. Signed Electronic Banking Terms & Conditions (EBTC)
  3. Completed System Administrator Designation Form

You may get these documents by clicking “DOWNLOAD” in the e-mail sent to you by Metrobank. After completion, you may submit to your Branch of Account or to your handling Relationship Manager/Sales Officer.

+ Will I still be able to use the same MDC solutions I availed of in Metrobank B.O.S.?

Yes, all solutions that you are currently enjoying in MDC will be available in Metrobank B.O.S.  Your enrolled solutions in MDC will automatically be migrated to Metrobank B.O.S. during the migration period alongside your enrolled account numbers, users, and authorization rules.

+ How and when will I know if my company has been successfully migrated to Metrobank B.O.S.?

Upon submission of the complete set of onboarding documents, your company’s migration to Metrobank B.O.S. will commence.

  • Step 1: Your newly enrolled Users will receive a call from us to schedule User training to Metrobank B.O.S., after which they will receive an email notifying them of a successful company migration.

  • Step 2: After the training is conducted by our Implementation Officer, they will receive a default set of access credentials via email, which will then be used to log in to Metrobank B.O.S. for the first time.

  • Step 3: For their security, they will be able to change their credentials immediately after the initial log-in.

The transactional access in MDC will be immediately limited to viewing and authorizing of transactions and will be deactivated seven (7) calendar days after initial log-in to Metrobank B.O.S.


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